How to get cheap same day flights

Did you know that not all cheap same-day flights are expensive? However, some flights offer rewards for booking same-day flights. And even if that’s not an option, you could follow some tips to get cheap same-day flights.

However, do remember that sometimes, same-day flights may require that you go through additional security screening and checkpoints. So if you’re ready to get a bit flexible with the process and your schedule, here are some excellent tips!

1. Consider a same day flight reward

Same-day flight rewards aren’t free!

Many airlines offer seats as rewards and awards. It may be challenging to get on the same day, though. So if you don’t find an airline that’s offering a same-day flight reward, you’re in luck! But don’t be entirely dependent on such awards, as most of them start a week or two weeks before the actual flight.

2. Exchange a seat with a passenger

Some airlines allow bidding and exchanging of seats.

Have you ever exchanged a seat with a passenger before? If not, you’ll be surprised to know that many airlines offer this process for flights you can get on the same day! However, don’t ever buy a ticket from someone outside of the official airline exchange process because you may get tricked!

3. Tweak your schedule, route, and seat class

Getting same-day flights means you could change your plans a bit.

Also, note the duration of the entire flight. Are there any stops in between? Usually, the greater the number of stops, the more likely it is for the flight to be cheaper. If it’s not urgent to reach your destination on time, choose to compromise on the hours. You could also choose a seat in the economy class or something other than first class.

We understand getting prompt flights could be tricky. Use Flights Deal Scanner to find the cheapest same-day flight that’s just right for you!

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