How to get a student discount on flights

Being a student has its perks. And if you study away from home, then it adds to the adventure. But it’s not just about the student life. It’s also the phenomenal discounts that come along with it.

These student discounts on flights could come across in many ways. Sometimes, they’re because of packages and deals offered by airlines. At other times, they are because of college or extra-curricular activities that you may have participated in as a student!

Regardless of the source, you can get cheaper flight fares as a student! Here are three of the simplest ways to get a student discount on flights.

1. Use student promo codes

You can get twice the discount on a flight if you use a student promo code!

Some airlines don’t offer exclusive flights or deals for students. However, they have some promo codes set up, especially for students. Keep in mind, though, that there may be certain conditions you need to fulfill.

2. Look out for passenger and college discounts

Some airlines have multiple options for passengers.

Keep your eyes open when you’re booking your flight. Some airlines have a detailed form available during the checkout process that allows you to choose passenger type before purchasing. Yes, you’ll always have to mention the age, but there could be a ‘student’ option there too! Also, check-in with your college to see if they offer discounts with particular airlines!

3. Select exclusive student flight deals

Exclusive student programs provide a well-rounded experience.

Pick a flight that is reserved exclusively for students. Student-only deals and flights are better because they can even offer you an inexpensive way to travel back home, especially after a semester has ended.

If you’re a student who is confused about flights, look no further than our Flight Deals Scanner. You can compare cast flights for any purpose – whether flying back home after a semester or for a plain vacation!

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