How to find cheap flights with flexible dates

Finding cheap flights is one thing. But getting cheap tickets with flexible dates is another. One option is to book in advance to avoid paying for super expensive fares. The other one is to keep an eye out for dates that have lesser fares around the year. And it’s pretty simple to do that!

Just combine these three tips to find cheap flights with flexible dates!

1. Look for flights with more stops

Check the entire route before deciding on a flight.

Flights that go straight from the departure site to the destination are the most expensive. The greater the stops, the more likely the fares will be down. So here’s the thing: Most of these flights are usually not preferred by people who want to reach their destination faster. So there’s a higher chance that you get flexible dates for the rush season.

2. Fly off-season

So should you be flying all the time?

If you’re someone who loves to travel for festivals and holidays, you must have been paying a lot for the fare! The best option is to fly after the on-season. That is, picking a flight that’s after the significant event (sports, holiday, etc.) will permanently save you a lot of cash, and you can choose from a lot of flexible dates too.

3. Make a note of weekday flights

Flight fares vary according to the days of the week.

We all wait for weekends because they’re just so awesome. But when it comes to flights, weekends can cost you quite a lot! The reason is pretty simple – people don’t choose to fly much on weekdays.

So when you’re making a list of dates for your flight, it’s best to avoid Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as much as you can. Almost all airlines have the lowest fares during the middle of the week, so that’s the best period.

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