How to find cheap first class tickets

Have you always dreamt of getting first-class flight tickets for cheap? Well, you can turn that dream into reality! All you need to do is follow a few tips, and you’ll have an affordable first-class ticket in your hand in no time.

1. Enable flight alerts

Do you have a fear of missing out?

First things first, you need to know whenever cheap first-class tickets are up. The best part about these alerts is that they would notify you the moment when flight fare drops. You would also get notifications on flash sales or even if there’s been a mistake with flight schedules.

2. Sign up for premium lists

Unique subscription lists have some fantastic offers!

Some airlines offer subscription services for lists. This is usually for VIP members and may include a certain fee in return for notifications and emails on special offers and deals.

If you’re someone who travels a lot and doesn’t mind a bit of investment in exchange for getting special round trip offers, then you should sign up for a premium airline listing!

3. Use miles on your credit card

You can use travel miles as credits to get first-class tickets at a lower price.

Are you going to travel around a lot? Then consider getting a new credit card that can offer you points or miles in return. You could then redeem these points to get a cheap first-class ticket, although you’ll have to pay for taxes and other fees.

The discounts could be anywhere up to $100; it depends on your location and airline services that list point values against separate flights. The value usually depends on the various classes, so yes, you can find cheap first class tickets too! Just make sure you fulfill the minimum threshold, so you don’t have to pay for additional charges!

4. Bid for seats

Some airlines allow you to place bids on seats!

Yes, many airlines make bidding on seats possible! Whenever an airline hasn’t sold ll its seats, it sends out an email to its returning customers and subscribers. The opening bid is always set by the company, so all you have to do is place a slightly higher bid in return.

The seat is usually for a flight that is one to two weeks from when the bidding process begins. Remember not to offer too high of a price; otherwise you’ll end up spending too much!

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